Thursday, June 28, 2012

because hydrogen peroxide and baking soda are my new best friends

This post really should be titled "pinterest is amazing and how did I ever live without it", but that title is a little broad, so I have narrowed it down to two amazing things I found on pinterest.

Up until about a year ago I only used baking soda for baking (it is a shame, I know) and until a few months ago I never even used hydrogen peroxide, for any reason. Both of these facts make me so sad, my life was so incomplete before I learned the wonderful ways to use these two wonder-products, and I didn't even know what I was missing! But now I have seen the light and I will no longer live in darkness! (If i seem dramatic it is only because I am so EXCITED about what I have found).

Two things that have changed my life (not my whole life, my the part of my life that is slightly OCD about getting stains out of clothes)..... homemade oxyclean and how to get rid of yellow underarm stains. A few months ago, after Leo started eating solid foods, he started spitting up after eating. In some cases it was an hour or two after eating, and 10 minutes after I finally took his bib off because I thought he we were in the clear. Inevitably his spit up would get onto his clothes and within a week I had a little pile of stained clothes, and did not know how to get those stains out. Up to this point the biggest stain to tackle was poop, which is no problem for the mighty fels-naptha soap, but round two sweet potatoes and bananas? That was a challenge. People on facebook suggested oxyclean, but do you know how much that stuff costs? More than I was willing to spend. Enter pinterest . From the blog, one good thing by jillee, I found homemade oxyclean, and my life was changed! Hot water, hydrogen peroxide and baking soda, add clothes and let soak. It works!!!! I do it in my bathroom sink and at times have forgotten about it for an hour (or two), and they still look great, it is AMAZING!

The 'how to get rid of yellow underarm stains' came from pinterest too, and the same blogger in fact. I tried it with a lot of skepticism, but it works! It requires some elbow grease, but there is nothing quite as satisfying as seeing those ugly yellow stains disappear before your eyes (truthfully I did one side of a shirt and not the other just so I could see the before and after results, I let it it dry in my bathroom and every time I went into the bathroom and I had to check my results, I was so impressed with myself). And all it is a few drops of dish soap, a couple capfuls of hydrogen peroxide, and I used an old toothbrush to scrub so I dipped that in some baking soda.

Maybe it is because I am a little weird, but seeing a yucky stain disappear by using two cheap and non-toxic products, makes me really happy. And as I sit here writing this I cannot wait to go tackle the rest of my wardrobe that has those nasty yellow under arm stains., because hydrogen peroxide and baking soda are my new best friends.

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