Thursday, June 28, 2012

because something needs to change

Ever since school got out and I became 'unemployed' I have been trying to figure out what to do with myself everyday. Being a one car household means hubby has the car, I have my 2 feet and a stroller, that is if I decide to leave the house. The first few days of summer break I was on a roll, while Leo took his naps I washed dishes, cleaned, vacuumed, made granola bars, I was super mom (not even close, but I felt proud of myself). Then Leo would wake up, we'd eat lunch then go for a nice long walk, come home and repeat. Then something happened, the novel idea of being home all day wore off. By thursday I was dragging my feet to do anything productive, and I blame this on Facebook. To be fair, Pinterest should equally share in the blame too. Obviously blaming inanimate websites is a huge cop out, but that is how I feel! Today I must have checked those two evil websites at least 20 times (i'm not sure if that number is even close, but I checked it a lot today). See what crazy powers those websites have?? Don't say I did not warn you.

Anyways, as I was in my kitchen today, ignoring the things I needed to do; sweep and mop (which can partly be blamed on Leo, every time I get the floor clean and sparkling he ruins it! darn babies...), wash dishes, clean the stove and counter tops, etc, I noticed the large pile of magazines on the kitchen table (that also needs to be cleaned off). Not just any magazines, The Ensign and The New Era, church magazines that I had not even opened (enter major guilt trip). Then I got to thinking, as I went onto the computer for the 21st time today, this needs to change. I saw a post on pinterest (it is an evil, evil website, but it still has good ideas) about things to do before you turn on the computer or turn on the TV. So running with that idea I decided to do my own list.

1.) Read 3 articles from a church magazine.

2.) Read a chapter in the Book of Mormon

3.) Wash dishes for 15 minutes

4.) Pick up 5 things and put them back where they belong

5.) Fold or hang up 15 pieces of clothes

6.) Find 10 things that need to be thrown away (junk mail, food wrapper, etc)

7.) Earnestly pray for someone

8.) Stretch (arms, legs, neck)

9.) Make something and clean up afterwards (birthday card, scrapbook page or even a new recipe)

10.)Write a note to someone

This will be a hard concept for me, so my goal is to do this for the next 3 days (friday, saturday and sunday), baby steps people, baby steps. I will report back on monday, and then maybe set a longer goal or if I fail miserably, set an even shorter goal (one day at a time?). I really hope I stick to this, because something needs to change.