Monday, July 23, 2012

because i am thankful for tender mercies

Have you ever had a moment in your life where everything was going wrong? I had one of those moments today, and it all came to head when I was on the phone with my mom and was crying so hard I could barely talk. How did I get there? Allow me to explain....

Our (only) car needed to go to the mechanic, again. It had some mysterious affliction that two previous mechanics could not figure out, and I did not know if it would cost $50 or $500 (or more) to fix. On top of that the first mechanic we called was booked solid today, tomorrow is a state holiday, so wednesday is the earliest they could fit us in. That was not an option for us, so they referred us to another mechanic (that is the fourth one we contacted, if you are keeping count) and they had the same story as the other mechanic, but after I explained our situation I think they felt bad for me and said they would try to fit us in. This still meant we needed a rental car for today, tomorrow (because while the mechanics are off work, Daniel is not), and wednesday too. And did I mention how I am not working, so we have a reduced income right now? Cue me calling me my mom and having a complete meltdown.

So what happened? I eventually calmed down and things worked out (thanks mom!) and our car was fixed today and it was a relatively simple fix (please don't let that jinx anything) and we won't need the rental car for 2 more days. My husband would use the outcome of all this to point out that I should not worry about these things so much, I would then proceed to tell him that for me to do that would be like telling a giraffe not to have a long neck (that is just the way I am, you have to deal with it!).

The lesson I have learned over the past 4 days (that is how long this current car fiasco has been going on) is that God knows me, that He is watching over me, and that He gives me little tender mercies so that I can remember these things. Like on friday when I spent an hour on the phone with 4 different people, and eventually ended with the conclusion that the repairs and parts to fix the car would be covered under a warranty, and would therefore cost us nothing. Although that situation did not happen, I did not find out that it would not be the case until after I took my performance test (the second part of my interpreter certification test). I was able to fully focus on my test, and then shortly afterwards freaked out about the car. Or how I thought I would miss my friends birthday celebration because we had no car to drive to provo, but we were able to get a ride there and spend a relaxing evening with friends (thanks Aaron and Katrina, happy 25th birthday Dee!). Or how today we were able to get our car to the shop and a friend (thank you Jenefer!) was available to pick us up and drive us to the rental car place (who waived some fees because our car was in the shop). Or how I was still anxious about finding out about our car but then had a skype date with my friend Julie and her darling girl Eloise, and afterwards I felt so much better and happier. Or how when the mechanic called with great news and that we can pick up our car tomorrow morning. Or how my mom is awesome and I cannot live without her. The list goes on and on. I have a testimony from these past 4 days of the goodness of God and how much He cares for me; not by taking away my trials, but giving me ways to endure them. And because of all that, I am so thankful for tender mercies.

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  1. I'm glad that we could help you out and be a tender mercy!!! We like hanging out with you! And I know that Dee would have kicked me in the face if we hadn't brought you down with us!