Tuesday, July 10, 2012

because i love watching him learn new things

Since summer started (when school got out on June 1, not the technical start on June 20, because summer is already in full swing by then) I have had the opportunity to become a stay-at-home mom. I haven't enjoyed every minute of it (wanting to find a job to help with income has been stressful, and staying inside the majority of the day hiding from the heat is no picnic either) but I have been enjoying my time with my little man. In June when Leo became 13 months it seemed like his mind opened up to the world around him. He started signing words (we had been waiting for that moment for 7 months!) and he can sign over 10 words now (daddy, eat, stinky, please) and can understand others (like sit down and kiss). In addition to added language and understanding words he has learned how to control his body (sorta). He can now put big plastic coins in a piggy bank slot (before he would try and try and couldn't do it so he would get mad and give up) and he can walk backwards and stomp his feet. And I have been teaching him how to dance (shake his head, move his arms and stomp his feet), it is the cutest thing ever!

My friend Katrina (hi Katrina if you're reading this!) works at an on campus pre-school at her college, i'm not sure if child development is her major (it is either that or photography, or something else) and although she doesn't have any children (yet) she has lots of experience with kids. She always talks about how amazing it is to see kids learn and experience things for the first time (she gets really excited when she talks about it). When we first had this discussion Leo was younger and although he was learning things (how to crawl, how to feed himself, etc) there was not a huge excitement factor (oh gosh, I sound like a bad mom now, I was really excited for those things, but now the things he does are even more exciting). Everyday Leo learns something new and am so happy that I get to stay at home to watch him discover these new things (however stressful it may make things). I am thankful that God gives me people in my life like Katrina who teach me new things and help me appreciate and look at my little man in a new way, because I love watching him learn new things.

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  1. You are such an awesome mom and I'm so glad that I could help a little in making you feel like an even more awesome mom!!! Leo is such a fun smart kid and it must be so fun to watch him figure stuff out as he gets older!