Tuesday, July 3, 2012

because something did change, sorta

So over the weekend (friday, saturday, sunday) I challenged myself to stop and think and do something else before getting on the computer and checking facebook or pinterest for the millionth time. I made a list of 10 things (like reading the Book of Mormon or a church magazine, washing dishes, hang up and put away clothes, etc.) and the goal was to pick one of them and do it before I touched the computer.

How did I do? Well... I did really good, and really bad, and somewhere in the middle. Taking on this challenge over the weekend made it both easier and harder. For me saturday is one of my busiest days of the week, because my husband is home and that means the car is home. So saturday becomes 'run all your errands' day, and in that respect I did not have a whole lot of time to think about getting on facebook or pinterest. Sunday is a day usually reserved for going to church, I say usually because as luck would have it, Leo had a fever on saturday and sunday, which means mom and baby stayed home. Staying home meant the computer was just staring as me the whole time, mocking and taunting me to come over and take a little peek and the wonderful world wide web. I tried to stay away, I really did.

This whole process made me realize a few things though. For one, I went on the internet less when I had to "earn" it. Friday morning I wanted to check facebook, so I pulled out my Ensign and read (I did kill two birds with one stone because I had visiting teaching to do so I read that message while I was at it). Later that morning I wanted to go on the computer again, so I picked up and threw away pieces of junk mail and trash (we have lots of empty water and soda bottles that Leo insists on playing with, then 20 minutes later forgets about, how rude right?) and then proceeded to check pinterest. Then In the afternoon something changed, as I looked at the computer again wanting to just open it up and take a peek I was reminded of this challenge, and suddenly I was too lazy to do anything on my list so I gave up and left the laptop where it was. I will admit that come friday night and I needed an idea for dinner I went straight for pinterest, and justified not "earning" it with the fact that I needed a recipe for dinner, I was not going on for fun (though my eyes couldn't help but glimpse all the cool things people had pinned). This happened a few more times on saturday night and sunday too.

So my 3 day challenge is done, what now? Well, I want to do it again. I'm not sure why I have this weird desire to keep proving things to myself (like this keeping the blog updated) but this is something that I want to prove to myself that I can do, and that I can do it right (meaning not be a big fat cheater like I did before). It also probably has something to do with the fact that when I "earn" my internet time, I don't feel as guilty about being on facebook or pinterest, and I tend to be on it less. These are all positives in my book. So now I am onto the next leg of this challenege, 3 days was a sprint, 10 days will be my middle distance event. Working my way up to a long course 1500? We'll see, but for now 10 days (starting today, and yes I did "earn" my blog time right now!) is my goal, because something did change, sorts. But now I want an even bigger change.

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